African Jag Vol. 1
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Release Date: 2006




African Jag Vol. 1 (CD) Jag Project (JAGCD-002)

  1. Dj Rise vs K'naan - My Old Home (Remix)
  2. Dj Krush vs Shing02 - The Clash (A Call To Arms)
  3. Dj Hide vs Judah Manson - So Many Lives
  4. Dj Hide vs Tunde Ayanyemi - All Be In Smiles
  5. Themselves - Take To The King
  6. Supersoul Feat. Mc Stres - Water's Not Clean
  7. Inden (Dohyo-Orizin) - ?-Togesashi
  8. Mike Ladd vs Dj Duct - Imperial Pimps
  9. Zap Mama - Go Boy
  10. Nudejazz (Kankawa & Dj Kensei) - Heart Beat


Explanation (from the African Jag site): 

'African JAG' which we have launched this time is our first official benefit project series, and this first spout will be produced in order to help the children suffering from various problems in Africa. Currently, in a lot of African countries and communities, countless issues are piled on the desk such as
civil wars, AIDS, poverty, education, refugees, child soldiers and political corruption, and the number of people in need are uncountable. In this particular JAG project, we focus on AIDS orphanage thatfs been especially severe in Republic of Malawi due to drought & social rehabilitation of ex-child soldiers in Uganda where people, especially the children are still in danger of surprise attacks by anti-government guerillas, aside from the supports to other children in urgent need, to help them to bring back their own lives, help their rehabilitations to go back to their community, and support them to be independent through art expressions (i.e. music, art, photography, etc).