MK-II - Prepare To Be Educated
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Release Date: 25-12-1999




MK-II - Prepare To Be Educated (CD)

  1. Shaolin Soul
  2. Hit The Broomz
  3. Uncommon Dialog
  4. Steal The Dub
  5. Burial Mix (Ryu Remix)
  6. Urban Combat Breakz
  7. Dj Suv Interlude
  8. Year 2000 And Beyond
  9. Nicknurmitdemkopf... (Apache Mix)
  10. Folding Space
  11. What?
  12. Phase One
  13. Odyssey
  14. Bonecrusher




An album from a producer unit led by Germany's Dj KABUKI, known for his works for computer game soundtrack such as Beatmania. The Japanese release of their album includes a RYU remix of "burial mix" & a DJ Spinna remix of "What?" as bonus mixes.