Dj Krush - Oumupo 6
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Release Date: 2006

Remixes (with self-produced material)



Dj Krush - Oumupo 6 (CD) Ici D'ailleurs

  1. Eric Aldéa - 01 (Violatus)
  2. Narcophony - Leo
  3. Thomas Belhom - Twice Around The Harbor
  4. Thomas Belhom - Web's Voodoo
  5. Bästard - Locate Radiation
  6. Thomas Belhom - Who's Big
  7. The Married Monk - Handsome
  8. Dominique Petitgand - Etat Liquide / Programme - Mon Geste
  9. Dominique Petitgand - La Rosée / Julien Ribot - Fille N° 70
  10. I N Fused - Earmuff
  11. Bästard - Travelgum
  12. The Married Monk - Love Commander
  13. The Digital Intervention - The Last Writes / Coma Idyllique



The Oumupo serie is a special project of the Ici D'ailleurs label. Artists invited by the label can use and remix the whole Ici D'ailleurs archive for their special mix. Other artists in the serie: Dj Hide, Rob Swift and Kid Loco. There are a few conditions for the remixes and the mix: 

1. The potential music reservoir is the Ici d'ailleurs Collection, and O1O1 is its electronic division. The basic framework for each piece will therefore be sought in the Ici d'ailleurs / O1O1 Catalogue. The composer must set out to appropriate the titles in this catalogue for himself, turning them to his advantage and adding whatever he deems necessary. All samples must be free of copyright or communicated to the Label for copyright clearance.
2. A passage no shorter than thirty seconds must be chosen to appear twice on the album. This passage must play the role of a theme or slogan, be it remixed or not, and must be in harmony with the album as a whole.
3. The exercise must last forty-two minutes (42').
4. The end of the album must lead into the beginning, thus enabling it to be listened to in a loop.
5. No more than two pieces from one album in the catalogue may be chosen. If the composer wishes to use a second, it must be at least two tracks distant from the first.
6. The composer must use the works of more than five artists on the Label.
7. The composer freely chooses his own constraint and must declare what it is.
8. The composer will refrain from using the lyrics of Dominique Petitgand out of their musical context, and will consider their use as a jingle or equivalent gimmick as a pitfall wisely to be avoided. Their use must extend to twenty seconds at the very least. 

Besides these conditions Dj Krush had a few constraints for his own: 

1) To use the catalogues as a material, and built the whole mix in a re-construction style
2) To be "a live drummer without drumsticks" throughout the whole mix
3) To take the "mix CD" to a next level, maintaining the "KRUSHness" to the max
4) To built a story throughout the mix that anyone could visualize it by simply listening through the mix
5) To maintain a vibe that makes even my own head knodding without knowing it 

Special about this Dj Krush part is that he not only remixed the tracks, he also made a fantastic mix and added a high level of self-produced material.