Dj Krush European Tour 2006
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In the summer of 2006 Dj Krush went on another European Tour (Holland, Belgium, Germany, France and Swiss). His first gig was at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, my hometown! I went to his incredible show and met Krush and his tourmanager Hitoshi (Dj Rise) at the end of the show. The next day Krush performed at Tivoli in Utrecht and offcourse I went there too. Before the show started we had a quick meeting and I took a quick look in the saint's bizarre recordbag. After the show I handed him a present of the fansite, he was ounored. Krush asked me if I wanted to join them to the next gigs in Belgium! Amazing! The next day I sat next to Krush in the car heading to Brugge listening to Dj Rise's fresh beats and the Krush' Essential mix (BBC1 1995) I brought. We did the sound check, had dinner and during his show I could listen to his beats on stage. Brussels was the next stop. We had some spare time, so we went into town, record diggin' and site seeing. Again his show was perfect! His beats and scratches are the finist on earth! Krush, Hitoshi and Steve thanks for all! I'll always remember relaxing and  listening to Portishead in the hotel. Peace!

Some pictures of the short tour:

Dj Krush performance at the Melkweg, Amsterdam.


Dj Krush performance at Tivoli, Utrecht.

The present of the Dj Krush Fansite: a poster of all Dj Krush albums.

The turntable wizard's recordbag!

Dj Krush listening to some livesets of his own in the car heading for Brugge.

Dj Krush performance at Maz, Brugge.

Dj Krush, Dj Rise and me on the big market in Brussels.

Dj Krush and Dj Rise record diggin' in Brussels.

Getting ready and the sound check in Brussels.

Dj Krush performance at Dirty Dancing, Brussels.

Dj Rise disabling the Dj Krush equipment.