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Welcome to the world of the Dj Krush sound! The sound of the incredible Japanese turntable wizard and hip hop producer.

On this site you'll find a biography, interviews in different languages, pictures of Dj Krush, lyrics, flyers and the most complete discography of Dj Krush there is. In the discography you'll find items with a picture, those are in my collection. If you have any Krush item that's not in my collection and you are intended to sell it, please contact me. If you have any other pictures, flyers, posters or interviews of Dj Krush please send them to me and they'll get a nice spot on this site.

!! The History of Dj Krush 3-DVD !!

Can anyone get me the Ryu or the Dj Krush slipmat or the Dj Krush cap?

My Dj Krush collection is not complete, I'm still looking for:
  • Krush CD on Chance Records
  • Another Maze 12"
  • Cold Krush Cuts LP
  • Tragicomic 12"
  • Final Home CDS
  • Boredoms LP
  • A-Un Video
  • Ryu - Ryu CDS

Please enjoy this site and thank you for visiting.